Monday, April 23, 2007
Tomorrow Is The Big Day!
Well, tomorrow is THE BIG DAY!!!! Sweet Forever is being released by Samhain Publishing! Can I get any more excited? Well, maybe when I sell my first copy, but right now I can’t believe that I’m actually here, ready to be a published author. I used Professional Writer with my friends who quickly corrected me. Author.

I’m still working hard on Finally Home, going over the galley for any boo-boos that slipped past us in all the editing. What a process that is! But seriously, this process has definitely made me a better writer. I’ve seen things I really like and things I really don’t like. I’ve discovered words that I lean on way too much. I always thought I was the Queen of That, but I’ve also found out I’m the Queen of Little as well. And Pleasant too. I’ve made myself a little list of words I need to look for when I’m done with my manuscript BEFORE I submit it anywhere. What an experience this has been. I’m so glad that I’ve gone through it.

The marketing part still is overwhelming to me. There’s so much that I should’ve already done and so much that I intend to do (as soon as I finish going through the Finally Home galley). But I’ve never been much of a sales or marketing person, so this is definitely unfamiliar and uncomfortable territory for me. Be patient, I’ll figure it out maybe by the time Where One Road Leads comes out in August.

In the mean time I’m making very good progress with That Kind of Magic (yeah! I found a title!). I hope to have that done by mid summer (if not sooner) and looking for a good home. Then onto something else. Maybe something new, maybe something I’ve got stored away in my files.

The weather in New Hampshire is absolutely glorious! Who’d have thought that a week ago we were being flooded. There are still roads that are closed in the area, but today is going to be nearly 80 degrees and the sun is shining. This is the first day I’ve been able to wear short sleeves and go out without a jacket. God love spring!
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