Sunday, June 26, 2011
This is a really awesome dip recipe my husband brought home the other day. Even the kids love it.


3 -11 oz cans Mexican style corn (Mexicorn) drained
1-4oz can diced green chilis (drained)
5 green onions chopped
1-8oz container sour cream
1 jalepeno pepper chopped
3/4 cup mayo
10oz shredded cheddar cheese (I've seen a recipe added pepper jack cheese too)


In a medium sized mixing bowl, combine all ingredients. Mix well. Cover and refrigerate for at least 2 hours.

It's really tasty. I'm thinking of trying it out with elbow noodles and making it a pasta salad. I think it would work!
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Thursday, June 23, 2011
Too Perfect
That's what the editor said about my heroine in the manuscript I sent her. Like the girl in high school who gets straight A's, is head cheerleader and prom queen. But is super nice, likes little kids, works as a candy striper at the local nursing home....etc etc etc...

Okay, so maybe not that bad. But I have to admit that, yah, she is pretty perfect. Usually I throw a few flaws my character's way. So where did I go wrong here? She doesn't have a lot in the way of insecurities and is pretty accomplished for one so young.

So what do I do about it? I've put a lot of time into this manuscript, but it's a story that I really really like. Do I take it a part and give her flaws? Well, yah, I'd do that. I'd have to. But do I really want to right now.

How much time should be vested in a manuscript? I don't want to shelve it forever, but I have so many others that need my time.

So, I guess what I'll do is put it on a shelf for now. Think on it, think what I want to remove, how I want to change her so she's still the spunky, fearless heroine who'll go after the guy she's been in love with forever. And I'll work on one of my other manuscripts.

And remind myself that my best characters are flawed.


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Saturday, February 26, 2011
I'm Here..... Really
I haven't quite fallen off the edge of the earth though sometimes it feels that way. Actually other aspects of life have been getting in the way and, well, sometimes they have to take priority.

One thing is that I've been keeping my New Years resolution to get into shape. Really. My husband and I joined the gym last month and have been doing a terrific job at going several times a week. Most of the time I eat properly, but I do slip up. Hey, I'm only human. And I've lost about 15lbs since starting.

My writing has been lacking as well, but I'm pushing myself to finish an almost-complete manuscript. I'd like it done before the end of March. And then I'll throw myself into the sequel to That Kind of Magic.

Speaking of which, I got a terrific review over at The Long and The Short of It Romance Reviews

"Ms. Hebert gives us a sweet, sentimental love story, infuses it with a little betrayal and a lot of non-conformity with a good splash of woo-woo and, other than the woo-woo it could be your normal everyday love story taken off any daytime soap or romance TV channel. Happily, that woo-woo gives it the edge that makes it hard to put down. In fact, I read this story in one sitting."

Well, click on the link for the full awesomeness of the review. :)

So, this has been a short and sweet post. I'll be doing more later. Hopefully I'll have exciting news about a contract on another short.

Be Back Soon!
for That Kind of Magic. They like me! They really like me!

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Saturday, November 20, 2010
New Review!
Hard to believe that even though That Kind of Magic has only been out for 4 days I already have a review for it! I love reviews!

Love is a complicated sort of emotion. This story will melt the heart of any who may be tempted to love but afraid to fall. The story was vividly written and I felt as though I was a bystander watching rather than reading. Casting love spells is what got these two polar opposites together, but biting you're lip until you know if the common person in their life can help them keep their heart together or not makes your heart ache for more. A woman’s heart is not something to be toyed with and a man’s loyalty is an unreachable bound to leap if the wall is too high. Ceri Hebert maybe a witch at heart as she has cast a love of reading all things magical in her story. I look forward to reading more of her tales of love and then some.

4 Hoots

Go to Nocturne Romance Reads for the full review.

I really need to think of what I'm going to do for the sequel. I know what my heroine's major hurdle will be but I've yet to put my thumb on the hero. Will he be magickal or will he be a non-believer. I really feel that I ought to go with a magickal man since my hero in TKOM wasn't.


Today is an errand kind of day I think. DH is working and then off to a concert with friends so it'll be the kids and I to fend for ourselves.

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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

That Kind Of Magic is now available at The Wild Rose Press!!

What's a witch to do when she refuses to use magic to find love? Beautiful Wiccan Charlotte Noone has a shop for magical supplies and a goddess who's pushing her to find the man of her dreams. When Patrick Riordan, a straight-laced non-believer enters her life, Charlotte falls madly in lust with him. Despite their very different lives, neither can stop the erotic journey they’ve embarked on, but will it be enough to break through their barriers so they can accept that love itself is magical?


If Patrick hadn’t stopped the kiss, Charlotte had no idea where it could’ve led. Her head spun wildly. She couldn’t even explain what possessed her to kiss him as she had. Curiosity couldn’t be to blame, though she’d wondered often since the last dream if his kisses were as good in real life as they were in her imagination.

She had her answer. Reality was definitely better because she knew she wouldn’t have to wake up and think of this as something fleeting and with the substance of morning mist. Patrick was solid and standing right in front of her, his gaze smoky and sensual. Reluctantly, she let her hands drop away from him, but she continued to feel the warmth of his body on her skin. One thing she didn’t do, though, was look away from him.

“Wow,” she murmured. “What was that?” She knew what it was. Fire. Just one kiss had been enough to set her body ablaze.

“I’m not sure,” Patrick replied. He looked as puzzled as she felt.

“I think we’ll be late for our reservations,” Charlotte said softly. She wanted to take his hand but knew if she so much as put one finger on him they’d never make it to the restaurant. She’d drag him back to her apartment and make love to him for the rest of the night.


I'm so excited about this one! Well, I'm excited about all my releases. Best Man over at Sapphire Blue Publishing is still doing very well and getting lots of praise.


Sounds like another rainy day. Where was all this rain back in August? Not that I'm complaining. All the leaves are off the trees anyway. But this doesn't do much for the cold that I've been battling for a week. We're down to just a horrible cough. I feel bad for everyone who has to listen to me, though.

NaNo is going all right. I lost it for the past week because of this cold and other things, but I'm slowly catching up. I may finish this puppy yet. Of course I have to do a lot of writing each day to do it.

And now I'm off to some of that writing.

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Thursday, November 11, 2010
NaNo? Or NaNot?
Okay, I won't get myself down over a few completely none productive days. Things have been out of balance here, including a hideous cold. So my word count stands just under 13,000 words. Not good. I'm nearly 5k behind right now. I want to finish it though. I think I can if I can just get things straight in other areas.

In the good news department, though, That Kind Of Magic will be out on November 17th from The Wild Rose Press. I'm so excited about this book!! Now I'm ready for more!

Okay, this is a short post, but I needed to get the updates out there.

Back to NaNoing.....

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Wednesday, November 3, 2010
NaNoing and Other Things
Well, Day 3 of NaNoWriMo is here and I'm very underwhelmed at my progress. I hit a wall right away (well, about 2000 words in or so) so I switched to a different project yesterday. I figure better to switch early than halfway through. I've done better. Current word count is 4210. I should be at 5000. Well, not too bad I guess, but this is not the project I had wanted to work on.

Not that I don't like the story.

Of course today I have errands to run which should keep me well away from my writing for a good long time *sigh*.

My birthday was yesterday. The big FOUR FIVE. Yes, I'm now on the downward spiral to the big FIVE OHH. No, I won't look at it that way. It's just that 50 is such a BIG number! Half a century. Yikes! But isn't 50 the new 30? I'm trying to put a positive spin on this! I did get a lovely present for my b'day--a new laptop. It's sitting right next to me. Don't know if it's ready to go but it sure is purty.

OH OH OH!! Best Man got another review over at The Long and the Short of It Reviews. Go check it out! It got 4 Books! Love it!!

Now off to start my day. Ugh.

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THAT KIND OF MAGIC--AVAILABLE NOVEMBER 17,2010 What's a witch to do when she refuses to use magic to find love? Beautiful Wiccan Charlotte Noone has a shop for magical supplies and a goddess who's pushing her to find the man of her dreams. When Patrick Riordan, a straight-laced non-believer enters her life, Charlotte falls madly in lust with him. Despite their very different lives, neither can stop the erotic journey they’ve embarked on, but will it be enough to break through their barriers so they can accept that love itself is magical?. .
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