Saturday, February 26, 2011
I'm Here..... Really
I haven't quite fallen off the edge of the earth though sometimes it feels that way. Actually other aspects of life have been getting in the way and, well, sometimes they have to take priority.

One thing is that I've been keeping my New Years resolution to get into shape. Really. My husband and I joined the gym last month and have been doing a terrific job at going several times a week. Most of the time I eat properly, but I do slip up. Hey, I'm only human. And I've lost about 15lbs since starting.

My writing has been lacking as well, but I'm pushing myself to finish an almost-complete manuscript. I'd like it done before the end of March. And then I'll throw myself into the sequel to That Kind of Magic.

Speaking of which, I got a terrific review over at The Long and The Short of It Romance Reviews

"Ms. Hebert gives us a sweet, sentimental love story, infuses it with a little betrayal and a lot of non-conformity with a good splash of woo-woo and, other than the woo-woo it could be your normal everyday love story taken off any daytime soap or romance TV channel. Happily, that woo-woo gives it the edge that makes it hard to put down. In fact, I read this story in one sitting."

Well, click on the link for the full awesomeness of the review. :)

So, this has been a short and sweet post. I'll be doing more later. Hopefully I'll have exciting news about a contract on another short.

Be Back Soon!
for That Kind of Magic. They like me! They really like me!

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THAT KIND OF MAGIC--AVAILABLE NOVEMBER 17,2010 What's a witch to do when she refuses to use magic to find love? Beautiful Wiccan Charlotte Noone has a shop for magical supplies and a goddess who's pushing her to find the man of her dreams. When Patrick Riordan, a straight-laced non-believer enters her life, Charlotte falls madly in lust with him. Despite their very different lives, neither can stop the erotic journey they’ve embarked on, but will it be enough to break through their barriers so they can accept that love itself is magical?. .
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