Wednesday, November 3, 2010
NaNoing and Other Things
Well, Day 3 of NaNoWriMo is here and I'm very underwhelmed at my progress. I hit a wall right away (well, about 2000 words in or so) so I switched to a different project yesterday. I figure better to switch early than halfway through. I've done better. Current word count is 4210. I should be at 5000. Well, not too bad I guess, but this is not the project I had wanted to work on.

Not that I don't like the story.

Of course today I have errands to run which should keep me well away from my writing for a good long time *sigh*.

My birthday was yesterday. The big FOUR FIVE. Yes, I'm now on the downward spiral to the big FIVE OHH. No, I won't look at it that way. It's just that 50 is such a BIG number! Half a century. Yikes! But isn't 50 the new 30? I'm trying to put a positive spin on this! I did get a lovely present for my b'day--a new laptop. It's sitting right next to me. Don't know if it's ready to go but it sure is purty.

OH OH OH!! Best Man got another review over at The Long and the Short of It Reviews. Go check it out! It got 4 Books! Love it!!

Now off to start my day. Ugh.

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