Wednesday, September 1, 2010
So Much To Do
I'm making my To Do List:

~Work on website-okay, I've had this on my list for a very very long time. Problem is, I have no clue how to do it myself. I used to be able to make websites with no problem-back in the Geocities Homestead days. I think I had about 5 different pages then. But it was so much simpler. Nowadays, I'm lost. Luckily my husband knows how to put them together, but our time is very limited. Besides, I want the site to go through a complete overhaul. It's very vanilla right now. I want something more stunning.

~Hold contest to celebrate my release of Best Man from Sapphire Blue Publishing, so please STAY TUNED!

~work on a book video, or at least gathering pictures and music and then turning to the experts over at Goddess Fish Promotions because they know what they're doing and have done some really good book videos.

~As soon as I receive them, work on the galley changes for my upcoming The Wild Rose Press release That Kind of Magic.

~Brainstorm for a sequel to TKOM. My editor asked me yesterday if she was going to get a story for one of the secondary characters in that book. I've been tossing the idea around but now I have to get serious about it.

I'm sure there's much more to do. School is in and kids are starting to get involved in school activities, so that'll keep me hopping.

I'll keep a blank sheet of paper handy to add to the above

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posted by Ceri Hebert @ 2:43 AM  
  • At September 1, 2010 at 9:26 AM, Blogger Diane Craver said…

    That's so cool your editor wants you to write a sequel for a secondary character from TKOM.

    I'm glad your hubby can help you with website - mine can't. I have to pay a website designer for updates and etc.

    Hope you find time to get all your projects done.:-)

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