Thursday, May 21, 2009
Call Me A Geek...
But I LOVED this show!!!

Of course I have to wait 'til fall to see the next episode, but it's worth it. As I watched it I got such an urge to work on a young adult manuscript. I happened to have one in a file somewhere that was a good start. No, not about a glee club, I won't copy cat, but I saw the cute tall guy and I thought he'd make an awesome character model. So, we'll see where it goes.

Been a busy last few weeks with kid's activities. I have a 4 day weekend to look forward to starting tomorrow so I hope to get lots of writing done.

Right now I think I'll have a glass of wine and get back to the story.

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Wednesday, May 6, 2009
Hero Types

Well, I'm happy to say I've finished another "short" story. Ended up with nearly 21K words, but I haven't started editing yet, so I'm sure it'll change. I like it a lot. So, that leaves me with a growing pile of finished manuscripts that need editing. Maybe I should concentrate on them instead of writing something new.

But you know me, always have to have a dozen irons in the fire. I've started a new story and I'm not sure who'll be my models are going to be. I like to have models when I write. It helps to have a solid idea in my own head as to what my characters-at least my main characters will look like. Which leads me to my question--

Is this man hero material?
I love John Krasinski. I think he's adorable, but is he too (I'm sorry John) geeky to make a convincing hero? I was going to first go for this guy--

Timothy Olyphant.

Maybe I just watched too much The Office yesterday.


Well, last Saturday my DS competed in a game called Hit Pitch and Run at the local rec center. I love my son, he's the best, but an athlete he's not. Still, he tried his hardest and that's what counts. The overall winner in each age group (we thought) would move up to the state level (this is a nationally sponsored competition that will eventually end up with the winners of each group competing at Yankee stadium (I think a Red Sox jersey would be in order). Well, DS got a 2nd place overall out of 2 people (though he did win the Hit portion). Yesterday I got an email saying that he qualified to go on to the next level, which is the state level.

So, he has a week to practice. He's pretty excited though. Who'd have thought.

Okay, time to squeeze a little writing into my morning.

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