Monday, October 29, 2007
Congrats Red Sox!
Once again they swept the World Series though it was a bit of a nail biter, this last game. And today I'm going to regret staying up to watch the whole thing. I think I may have gotten 4 hours of sleep. So if I fall asleep at my keyboard today it'll be my own fault

I've been pretty pleased on my progress on Dreamer's Sea though I didn't get much writing done yesterday (hubby was poking around with my laptop finding some problems with it that need to be fixed-oh, I also was doing house cleaning and making more cheesecake). Unfortunately this morning I had to chop out about 500 words or so in one chunk that doesn't fit in with my new direction. That hurt. I'd just gotten over 73K and now I'm in the 72,700 word area. But that's okay. I'm still going strong.

I'm facing an entire rewrite of a scene though but it's going to be so much better than it was so I'm looking forward to it.

So, will I be ready for NaNo? In less than a week? I don' t know. I figure I have two good days of writing with little reason NOT to write, but Wednesday is Halloween and I have a youngun who needs to go trick or treating. Okay, so that's just a few hours. So I stay up a little later. Big deal.

It can work. At the moment I'm feeling very confident.

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Friday, October 26, 2007
Less Than A Week...
I can't believe that in less than a week November will be here. The tough time of the year. It's not fair that we have all the expensive bills coming up at one time, you know, car registration (2), car inspections... birthdays and Christmas. We need to spread all this out over the year. And we're about to take on a car payment and really high registration fee. Oy. I better hope for some overtime.

I made it over 70K!!! I'm so pleased. I readjusted my goal to 75K though I should just bite the bullet and set it at 80K because at the rate I'm going it's going to happen. Wow, I havent' written something this long since Finally Home. I was beginning to wonder if I had it in me again. Guess I do.

I've been brainstorming (when I'm not working on Dreamer's Sea) my NaNo project. I have the story, which is the third part of a trilogy, but I'm just hoping it'll have enough plot to keep it going. It's fun though, developing the characters. I had an original idea for them but it keeps evolving. I'm not really worried about NaNo, besides wondering if I'll get enough time to write.

What makes me sad is that I'll have to put DS aside while I do NaNo because I dont' think I'll have the time to do both.

Oh, and GO RED SOX! They're up by 2 now!

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Tuesday, October 23, 2007
It's Getting There
I've really been struggling with the scene I'm working on. I probably should just cut it out but I know I can make it work. Once I go back and edit it. At least I have that "do over" opportunity. I want to make the scene as perfect as I can the first time around, but it's really not the end of the world if it's not achieved the first time around. If it makes sense and is important to the story than I can polish it anyway.

Now I'm down to the wire on the month of October I really have to push myself to finish so I don't feel bad about doing NaNo. I'm just amazed right now that I've got so many words. I really thought it would be a struggle to get 65K but now I'm over 67k and have miles to go before this book is done. I just hope it'll be good enough to attract an agent. I plan on hyperventilating when I get to that process.

Another thing that amazes me... the fall colors. They're still bright and beautiful here in southern NH. Yesterday was an absolutely gorgeous day. I walked home, shuffling my feet through the leaves on the sidewalk. Usually by this time of the year everything is fading. After all, Halloween is only a week or so away.

So I need to be writing like a fiend whenever I can.

Wish I could take the next week off work. I guess they wouldn't understand.
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Monday, October 22, 2007
Romance Abounds
It's everywhere! I've been watching all this romantic stuff on tv and it's been very inspiring... and believe me, I need inspiring right now!

I started watching The Phantom Of The Opera (am I the only one who roots for the Phantom to get the girl?) and The Office (if you don't watch it you won't get the romance between Jim and Pam that just makes me all warm and fuzzy). I watched Because I Said So and found my model for my NaNo hero.

And so much more.

Now I need to take this romance that is simmering inside and transfer it to my story. One thing I'm getting sick of is waiting for this couple to get together. I mean, they're together but not 100% in all the way though they both want to be. I don't want them to be apart for lame reasons, but I'm begging them to wait just a little bit longer. But Sarah is just chomping to the bit to just tell Jonas she loves him. But she has to wait. A little patience won't kill her, will it?

Sometimes I wish they wouldn't have a mind of their own, I wish they'd do as they're told. But I'm just glad they have a life of their own because otherwise I dont' think they'd be worth writing about.

So, just need a little more romantic inspiration and get these two crazy kids to their moment.

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Thursday, October 18, 2007
Title? Can't think of one..
It's Thursday. Another day closer to Nov 1st.

Yes, I made great progress on Dreamer's Sea but still so much more to write. I could've done better yesterday but I had to make a cheesecake and bring DH his dinner. Time consuming activities. Tonite DH is taking the night off so I don't know how much time I'll get to write. And then the weekend will be here.

But I'm still determined to get this done, not to wimp out. I've got a story in mind, something that has been on my mind and on the drawing board for years. It's the third story in a trilogy. The first one is finished, the second one is in progress but the third one is only ideas and some notes.

So, I guess no matter where I am with Dreamer's Sea, I'm going to go for NaNo.

I'm nuts.

But not as nuts as my friends who are doing both NaNo and something called 70 Days Of Sweat. But I wish them well. Maybe next year I'll give it a try.
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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Now I have to readjust my goal to 70K. Heck, maybe even 75K!!!!!!

My Mojo has returned!!!!

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Where Has All My Mojo Gone?
I haven't written a word in about 3 days.

This isn't a good thing at all. There's not much time between now and November 1st and if I don't have Dreamer's Sea finished by then I'm going to have to seriously reconsider NaNoWriMo. I've just been so distracted lately and there's rarely been a day that I've haven't had to go on any errands. It's driving me bananas. I want to just hunker down at the computer with no distractions (like from my 4 kids...)

It doesn't help that I'm not crazy about the scene I'm writing.

Push Push Push. Got to get through it.

Things on the homefront are calming down a little bit. My mom and sister had a very successful business trip and have found someone to buy out everything else. Huge sigh of relief. My sister went home yesterday. I'm going to miss her, she's been a tremendous help. I couldn't have done a quarter of the stuff she has. Now it's my turn to step up to the plate though.

Someone say a prayer for me today. I want a smooth day with lots of writing.

Otherwise I might cry.

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Thursday, October 11, 2007
A New Short Story
The Long And The Short Of It has posted another of my short stories. It'll be up until Wednesday night.

I'm at 63699 words for Dreamers Sea and still writing new stuff. I think it's going really well, but I'm just not sure it'll be done by the end of the month. I've had some good productive days this week, but I keep writing new stuff instead of editing what I already wrote. Don't get me wrong, I'm very pleased about this. But it just makes my deadline harder to meet.

This is a short post today. It's late and I have to make sammiches for the kids.

More tomorrow.....
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Wednesday, October 10, 2007
And I Was Worried
I'm up to 62376 words in Dreamer's Sea and I still have much to write. I was so afraid that I wouldn't be able to get 65k out of it and now it looks like it could EASILY go to 70+K. That is a very good thing. The longer the story (as long as it's a really good story) the more marketable it will be to an agent.

I'm doing a touchdown dance in my head.

Just trying to get past a scene between my hero and heroine. I'm trying to justify them staying apart when the crazy kids are in love (though they haven't spilled the beans yet-hey, things are complicated). I was going to give them that scene later but I dont' think I can fight it. It's like giving birth, you can't fight it when that baby wants to make an appearance.

So, what would another writer do if a scene, a moment, is happening faster than you planned? Somehow squash the moment or give it to them have it and let the cards fall where they may? if I stop the moment it's going to make the whole thing awkward. But I have a great scene already written for them. If only they'd wait a few weeks.

My muse will be back on tv this Friday. Well, not my muse, but my inspiration for my hero in DS. Men In Trees has been off the air for months and months and they're finally giving us a season 2 premiere this week. Jack (aka John Tupper) is my Jonas in DS. It'll be good to have him back to gaze upon whenever I need a little inspiration.

Okay, breakfast and dishes time. And I'll mull over my predicament while I'm doing it.

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Monday, October 8, 2007
Panster or Plotter
I had to borrow this from Marianne this morning. She borrowed it from someone else. There are twelve random questions about writing below. Ready to play?

What's Your Writing Style?

1. Are you a "pantser" or a "plotter?"

I used to be a diehard panster. I still am to a certain degree but since participating in NaNoWriMo I’ve learned the benefits of plotting. Mainly I just sit down and write, though.

2. Detailed character sketches or "their character will be revealed to me as a I write"?

I try to do character sketches of at least my two leads, but I don’t delve into their psyche or find out what their great aunt’s auto mechanic’s sister’s hair stylist does. A lot of those details I make up as I go along and pray I remember them later.

3. Do you know your characters' goals, motivations, and conflicts before you start writing or is that something else you discover only after you start writing?

I like to have the main things figured out before hand, but mostly I make it up as I go. Gives me room to go different directions during the story. Sometimes I find the path I hadn’t intended to take is much better than the one I planned on before hand.

4. Books on plotting - useful or harmful?

I haven’t cracked a book on writing in years. I used to love them but I don’t like taking the time to read them now.

5. Are you a procrastinator or does the itch to write keep at you until you sit down and work?

I generally get the real itch when I can’t do anything about it, like when I’m at work. I’m both, I’d say. When I’m working on a good scene I just don’t want to stop.

6. Do you write in short bursts of creative energy, or can you sit down and write for hours at a time?

Short bursts. Not necessarily by choice though. I have a lot of distractions. I think if I could lock myself in a room I could write for hours. Hmmm… now if only I had that room.

7. Are you a morning or afternoon writer?

I get up early to write. I probably get more done in the morning. But I like to write at night too. Afternoon too much going on.

8. Do you write with music/the noise of children/in a cafe or other public setting, or do you need complete silence to concentrate?

I generally write with both the children and music. Mainly children. My “office” is in the dining room which is the Grand Central Station of our home. I would prefer just some soft, soothing music though.

9. Computer or longhand? (or typewriter?)

Typewriter? Wow, I haven’t used one of those in years. I do mainly computer but I keep notebooks in the car and I write in longhand at work when I have a slow moment or I’m on a break. I love to write longhand, but I know that it has to get typed up anyway so I might as well do as much on the computer as possible. And the computer is definitey faster. I can keep up with my train of thought more easily.

10. Do you know the ending before you type Chapter One?

Not really, besides knowing it'll have a HEA. I do know the ending before I reach the middle though. I love to write the ending early on. It gives me direction, a goal. It may be changed at some point along the way, but I have always like to know how the book is going to end.

11. Does what's selling in the market influence how and what you write?

Nope. I used to be hung up on writing for a certain market but there are so many restrictions when writing that way. Now I write as I please (although I do try to follow the basic rules, like no head hopping etc). I’m finding that markets are changing though. The formulas aren’t so rock solid anymore. I think this is a good thing.

12. Editing - love it or hate it?

Despise it. Is that a stronger word than hate? ALTHOUGH, that being said, I’m finding that in my current project, I’m able to add so much more through this process. I’ve taken a good story that was in need of a little meat on it’s bones and have really encouraged it to grow. Maybe that’s not technically editing though. When it comes down to the nitty gritty little details I don’t like it at all. I get so sick of looking at the manuscript by then. I yearn for something new and fresh.


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Wednesday, October 3, 2007
Late Night Post
Well, not too late. Not quite 9pm but I thought I'd post anyway because I have a link to another contest that is a must to check out. Head over to Diane Craver's blog. I'm actually jealous that I didn't come up with this idea.

So, it's October. I think October is my most favorite month. The leaves have begun to change into their fantastic fall foliage, the weather is finally cooling into a managable temperature and Halloween is on it's way. Summer is over and it's not quite winter. Of course that's the problem with autumn....the only thing I don't like about it. Winter follows on it's heels. Yuck. Makes me want to jump the New Hampshire ship and head for warmer places. Anyone familiar with the Texas hill country? My sister, sister in law and I were discussing it and my sister plans on moving there one day. Hey, if the heat is dry I'm all for it. Just keep me away from humidity.

Things are not exactly calming down on the homefront. We're still trying to organize and take care of things left behind by my father. I'm hoping by the middle of the month things will start looking up.

I'm determined to have my editing done on Dreamer's Sea. I've made a lot of progress, adding 6k or so to it since I resurrected it. If I can add 8k more I'll be doing back flips of joy. I think I can do it. But I want it done by the end of the month. I WANT TO DO NANOWRIMO!! I have a story idea and I want to run with it. I've had really good luck with the last two years. I want to continue the roll.

So I should probably get back to work. Even though Ghost Hunters is on.

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Monday, October 1, 2007
Goals and Such
I have finally remembered my ideas on a possible NaNoWriMo project. All last week I was trying to remember what I wanted to write about. I had had an idea but for the life of me I couldn't remember what it was. Put it down to too much going on in my life right now. But yesterday I remembered what it was and began to expand on it. I think, before I lose it again, I'll need to start taking notes.

The only question is.... will I do NaNoWriMo this year. I've had 2 successful years in a row. My first attempt was Where One Road Leads. Last year's project was Dreamer's Sea which I'm now polishing up so I can find me an agent. I can't complain about either projects (though I really thought DS was hopeless when I finished NaNo last year).

So IF I can finish the editing (which includes adding a LOT of new stuff to boost it from the 56K it is right now to, I'm hoping, 65K by the time it's ready to send out) on DS by the end of October I can start sending it out to be critiqued. OR put it aside starting November 1st and do NaNo. I'm not sure I can do NaNo AND do all the critwork necessary on DS.

I really should work soley on DS. But I love the NaNoWriMo challenge and the thought of getting another book out of it.

Well, I have a month to think about it.

My friend Marianne is having some contests over at her blog. And don't forget that my short story Little Matchmakers is still posted over at The Long And The Short Of It until Wednesday, though it'll be archieved after that. LASR has some wonderful short stories. I highly recommend them.

For more contests go to Judy's blog.

Boy, lots of good stuff all over the place. I think I'm going to have to have another contest here in the next few weeks.

Now it's 6am and that means TIME TO GET READY FOR WORK.


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