Wednesday, October 10, 2007
And I Was Worried
I'm up to 62376 words in Dreamer's Sea and I still have much to write. I was so afraid that I wouldn't be able to get 65k out of it and now it looks like it could EASILY go to 70+K. That is a very good thing. The longer the story (as long as it's a really good story) the more marketable it will be to an agent.

I'm doing a touchdown dance in my head.

Just trying to get past a scene between my hero and heroine. I'm trying to justify them staying apart when the crazy kids are in love (though they haven't spilled the beans yet-hey, things are complicated). I was going to give them that scene later but I dont' think I can fight it. It's like giving birth, you can't fight it when that baby wants to make an appearance.

So, what would another writer do if a scene, a moment, is happening faster than you planned? Somehow squash the moment or give it to them have it and let the cards fall where they may? if I stop the moment it's going to make the whole thing awkward. But I have a great scene already written for them. If only they'd wait a few weeks.

My muse will be back on tv this Friday. Well, not my muse, but my inspiration for my hero in DS. Men In Trees has been off the air for months and months and they're finally giving us a season 2 premiere this week. Jack (aka John Tupper) is my Jonas in DS. It'll be good to have him back to gaze upon whenever I need a little inspiration.

Okay, breakfast and dishes time. And I'll mull over my predicament while I'm doing it.

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