Wednesday, September 19, 2007
Growing Words and Finding Things
Yesterday my son wanted to go ride his bike up at the school playground (that's the closest decent place to ride around here). I really didn't want to go. The Bad Evil Mom that I am wanted to stay home and edit but the day was too beautiful and I had a notebook and knew I could sit at a picnic table and work on a scene that I'd been writing for Dreamers Sea. I pulled the car forward to load up the bike and looked down. In the dirt in the drive was a pendant that I'd lost, oh, a good 2-3 years ago, one that I'd gotten for my b'day years and years ago. I couldn't believe that it was there! It's a little worse for wear, looking as if it's been sandblasted a bit and polish didn't shine it up too much, but I'm so psyched! I doubt I would've found it if my son hadn't wanted to go ride his bike. My evil neighbors probably would've found it. So that was good. And I got several pages written to boot (even though the bike's tires were too soft to be much use)

I've probably added nearly 2000 words to Dreamers Sea since starting to edit. I need to add another 25K to be happy, so I'm desperately looking for new scenes to add. I'm trying to boost the romance in the book which was tepid at best (on purpose-this was not to be a spicy book by any means and I dont' mean to make it spicy, but I do want the characters to share a few more kisses and tender moments). I'd love to end up with a 75K (or longer) book to present to an agent.

There has been NaNoWriMo talk going on lately. I haven't decided whether I'm going to take the plunge. I think it depends on where I am on the editing process for DS although I'd hope I'd be finished by Nov. 1st so I could plunge into a new project. The question is, is it more important to plunge into something new or work on something already in progress? I do have the sequel to Sweet Forever that's waiting for my attention and while I do have another story idea in mind I'm not convinced yet that it'll stand up to 50k. I guess the best thing right now is to just concentrate on Dreamers Sea and not worry about the rest til later.

On another note, The Long And The Short Of It will post a short story by moi next Thursday, September 27th. If you haven't checked out their short story section I highly recommend it, they've got some good ones over there.

Now I'm off to make breakfast. Yippee.

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