Tuesday, September 11, 2007
In Memory

Today's blog is in honor of those who lost their lives 6 years ago today. I didn't personally know anyone who lost their life, though I knew of friends of my parents who lost a daughter and son in law. My brother works for American and when I heard that American Airlines planes were involved of course Ihad that feeling of dread.
It was a day that changed everyone, no matter who they were or where they were. I remember sitting in my office listening to the radio in disbelief. I remember the need to be home with my family instead of doing something so meaningless to me at that moment.
I remember how quiet the skies were after that day when no planes were allowed to fly. And I think more than that I remember looking up and seeing that first plane go overhead after the ban was lifted and feeling a bit apprehensive. Is that crazy?
My prayers go out to all those who lost someone in those attacks. And God Bless those who fell and those who were there to help that day.

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