Tuesday, December 4, 2007
Old Dreams
I've been listening to Nora Robert's Birthright on cd and it's been reminding me of something that I had always wanted to do growing up.... well, two things really. The heroine is an archaeologist. The hero is an anthropologist. I went into college with the intention of going into one field or the other. Unfortunately I didn't A) choose the right college and B)was lured away from my intended path by the dazzle of the stage. But before all I wanted to do was to dig. I would've been happy to dig dinosaur bones too (after all the famous T-Rex named Sue was found on my cousin's ranch in South Dakota-I would've had a perfect place to go).

Luckily as I listen to the story it also makes me want to write. Writing is a much older dream to me than being a digger.

But instead I was stuck in the office doing the most boring of all jobs on earth. I guess I'm lucky that I could go home and write.

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