Friday, February 29, 2008

Well, Friday is here. Yeah! I'm posting an excerpt from my first book Finally Home which is available in print or e-book.


“You want a partner? My twenty thousand, my equipment, my horses, and my indoor riding arena.”

She heard Alex suck in his breath. It was such an illogical proposition that she didn’t think he’d go for it in a million years. After all, what did they have together? An unhappy past, and a rocky, although passionate reunion? How did that constitute a solid foundation for what she suggested?
She didn’t dare look at him. Most likely he looked shocked. Or disgusted. Or just really amused.

“We’re just talking a business partnership here, right?” he asked.

Something in his voice, a seductive, suggestive tone caused her to finally turn her eyes to him. He looked down at her, the slightest smile on his lips. So he wasn’t mad or offended. Instead of laughter, he gave her a look that sucked her in, caressed her heart.

“Of course just business. We barely know each other.” She tried to sound outraged, but fell short of her mark.

Alex chuckled. “Well, I think it’s a little late to be worrying about things like that, princess. We seem to have passed the spot where we can keep it on an impersonal level.”

Torie stood abruptly. She needed to get away from him. Needed to think with a clear head, and having him sit so close she could smell his subtle cologne unnerved her.

“Come on, Alex,” she pleaded. “Just tell me if this is something you’d be interested in. If you’re not, just say it and I’ll leave you alone.”

“I think your idea has a lot of merit. From a financial standpoint, it makes good sense. I’d save a great deal of money if we could move your arena. Wouldn’t have to buy more stock. I have four good horses out in South Dakota I plan to bring east, and with yours, we could have a good sta-ble and still have room for boarders. My partnership with the ranch has worked out just fine, but, of course, there’s one burning question. Who’d get the house?”

Torie looked up at the dark bulk of the Cape Cod glowing in the moonlight. Such a warm house. One that could provide a good, happy life.

“I’ll take the apartment over the barn,” she conceded. It would be worth it. Anything would be worth it to get out of the fix her mother had thrown her into.

“I’ll agree to this only if you explain to me why? My thinking is that with your father’s death, he’ll leave you enough to buy another place outright. I know you love Avalon, but why bother with a partnership?”

Torie came back and sat on the edge of the deck.

“Long story short, he’s not leaving me anything. I don’t want to go into details, Alex. But what I’m offering here is everything I have in the world.”


QUESTION: What is Torie's dad leaving her?

Email your answers to

Winner will get picked tonight!

Well, didn't much done last night. The power kept going off and my husband was sent home from work because of it. It was an action packed night though, fire department being sent everywhere, accidents all over the place. And it wasn't even snowing! It was a nice clear night. Don't know what was going on.

So I only got some editing done. Oh well, there's always next week

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  • At March 1, 2008 at 1:32 AM, Blogger Dena said…

    Hi Ceri, I have enjoyed all the book excerpts this week along with the contest. I've added you to my TBR list and can't wait to read a whole book of yours. Have a great weekend.

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