Monday, February 18, 2008
It's Editing Time
I think it's time to put aside the new stuff and tackle the monster that is Dreamer's Sea. I'm just talking about the size of the story, not the content. This is going to be a looong project and I thought seriously about letting a friend read through it first, but I really want to get going on it since this is the one I'm going to be using to tempt an agent. I want to get going!

And, so my Daily Inspiration is the the Maine Coast. And the song is gorgeous too. Loreena McKennitt is one of my most favorites.

So, today after work, barring any unforseen problems and a possible trip to the doctors to have them look at my arm, editing will commence. Because I want to have another book published.

My husband bought a new toy for us. A GPS doodad for the car because we're expecting a trip or two down to the big bad world of Logan Airport in Boston and I'm scared to death of going down there. But he's discovered a fun ways to use the GPS. It's called Geocaching and it's like treasure hunting with the GPS. Some people have started caches in various locations, leaving a logbook and a treasure, could be a book, a cd, jewelry, money, whatever, as long as its not food or something like alcohol, tobacco, firearms etc. So the cache is marked so a person can find it on the gps. They can go find it (some aren't so easy and could take a lot of hiking), sign the logbook and if they take the treasure they leave something in it's place.

It sounds like so much fun and it gets us out to get some exercise. There are a few caches right here in town. So once the weather gets nice I think we're going to go out and give it a try. My DH says I should make sure I leave information about my books in the logbook. I guess that would be an interesting way to market.

For some reason there's a 2 hour delay for school today but not for me. Time to get going.

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