Monday, August 13, 2007
The Good The Bad and the Unspeakable
I have a new review for Sweet Forever over at Two Lips Reviews. Another reason to smile.

After her mother’s passing, Hayden Merrick travels to Sweet Prairie to finally meet her grandmother. Hayden’s mother left the ranch before she was born, and was estranged from her family. While she’s visiting and making up for lost time, Hayden meets two very important men: the father who abandoned her and her mother, and the man who captures her heart.

Ben Winslow hasn’t had much time for romance in his life, and until he meets Hayden no one has really interested him. As they spend time together and get to know each other, Ben realizes he has found the woman who’s meant for him. But Hayden is torn between returning to the east coast and the only life and family she has ever known, and the man who is the love of her life.
Ben knows without a doubt that he has to find a way to keep her in South Dakota forever.

Hayden’s reluctance to get involved with Ben when she knows she’s planning to return to her home in Maine is a very valid excuse for putting him off. She doesn’t want to hurt Ben and that’s just one of the reasons she is such an enjoyable heroine. I really liked how straightforward she was and how she handled the tough decisions she faced. No wishy-washy heroine here. I really love that.

Ben is an absolutely delicious man who easily makes my list of best heroes. He’s gentle, kind and passionate. The fact that he’s drop-dead sexy is just a bonus. His patience and willingness to give Hayden time to figure out what she wants adds even more to his appeal. But he doesn’t sit idly by, waiting for her. He’s persistent and confident and the depth of his love is heartwarming indeed.

This sweet romance is power-packed with emotion and it will effortlessly sweep you off your feet. A must read.

Got 4.5 out of 5 Lips. THANKS SO MUCH LINDY!

In other writing news, I've started submitting chapters of That Kind of Magic to my crit group. Sadly, chapter two has been brutalized (though there were two critters who liked it). I've decided, however, to revamp chapter two which will in turn affect the following chapters. Question is, do I let it stew for a while or do I leap right back in and get going on it. I've been working on my Sweet Forever sequel and I really hate to leave it, especially for a project that right now I'm shaking my head over. Oh, what to do.

And now for the Dad update. He's still in the hospital. His couple day visit to try to get his strength back sure has turned into a lot more, and a serious lot more at that. Last week he had a lung biopsy (an unexpected turn of events) and then he got so bad they put him in ICU. After one night he improved tremendously and was put back into his old room. Now he's waiting for yet another biopsy. Why another one? Don't know, my mother didn't elaborate. I get the feeling he's sorry he fought to get himself admited. He thinks he would've been better off at home. But if by being there they caught something that could've turned horribly serious, like lung cancer, then I'm glad he's there. My mother in law is waiting for her operation date, also lung cancer related. They sure are making them wait!
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