Friday, August 24, 2007
New Review and other things
I received this review over at Romance Reviews Today

Samhain Publishing –
ISBN: 1-59998-548-9
July 2007
Romantic Suspense
Quail Ridge, New Hampshire – Present Day
After fifteen years, Krista Faye is going back to her childhood home in Quail Ridge. As a photojournalist, she has faced many dangerous places in the world, but none is more frightening to her than Quail Ridge. She is leasing an old mill and making it into a youth center, but she will be facing her demons from years ago.

Police officers Matt Burgess and his father, Ed, own the old mill. Because Krista’s boss leased the property, Matt and Ed are not aware that Krista is behind the opening of the youth center. Matt blames Krista for the car accident that took the lives of his little brother and Krista’s best friend fifteen years ago. Krista was sent to prison, lost the baby she was carrying, and still has scars from the accident. There was more to the accident, but many people believed the version Ricky, the fourth person in the car, told. Krista still blames herself and mourns her friends. When Kristi’s house and youth center are vandalized, Matt begins to have second thoughts about Kristi’s guilt. Could Ricky have had more to do with the accident than he admitted?

As things heat up between Krista and Matt romantically, a confrontation with Ricky sets off more vandalism. But if Ricky was out of town, who could hate Krista so much that he would want to kill her?

WHERE ONE ROAD LEADS is an enjoyable story about a woman who paid dearly for any sins she may or may not have committed. She is brave, but vulnerable, hoping everyone will forgive her for the part she played in the accident. She hopes to do something good for the town, but there are some people who are unwilling to forgive and forget. Matt realizes that he has been wrong to blame Krista for the death of his brother. He finds her to be a good, compassionate woman, and not the cruel hard-hearted woman he had envisioned. Ricky is a spoiled man whose father always bailed him out of trouble, and who feels no remorse for anything he does.

The book is an easy-to-read, compelling romantic suspense to while away an afternoon. The characters are likeable, and the pacing is good. Readers are sure to enjoy this one.

Marilyn Heyman

I've also done a read through of my 2006 Nano manuscript and it's not as hopeless as I thought it was. In fact I really like it. The characters are strong and the descriptions vivid. I have to get back and start rewrites/edits. I have high hopes for this one. And when I'm done with it I'll use it to lure in an agent.

But first I have errands galore!

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