Thursday, November 13, 2008
Reconstruction In Order
I've been talking to friends who know a little about Dreamer's Sea and I've come to the conclusion that I need to shelf it until I can decide what I need to add to it to make it completely awesome. Not that it's not completely awesome right now, but I've decided that it's missing angst. With a few exceptions, it's a story that kind of strolls along with no twists or turns.

I came up with a few wrenches to throw into the works for my heroine and hero, but none that really grab me. I really want to avoid the whole love triangle thing. I've invested too much time to give up on the story completely, but seriously, it needs more than just a new query and synopsis. I'm sad, but I figure if it took me over twenty years to get Finally Home published then I can wait a little longer on Dreamer's Sea.

In the meantime I'm speeding through my Nano story and I have another story that's waiting for me. I have plenty of angst in both. In fact I have a bunch of angst-ridden stories that are awaiting my attention. I have no lack of wips to work on, thank goodness.

My word count thus far is 31153. Yahoo! That means 18847 words left to write in 18 days. That's only 1047 words a day. I'd love to finish it in a week.

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