Tuesday, June 26, 2007
I Just Don't Get It
I had such dreams. I saw myself having an hour every morning to myself now the kids don't have to go to school. That hour was going to be peaceful and quiet and I was going to get tons of writing done. Such a beautiful picture.

*sound of needle being yanked over a record* Since school has been out the kids (some of them anyway) have been getting up EARLIER than they were on school days. I'm only 20 minutes in to my beautiful quiet productive hour and I already have 2 kids hanging out with me.

My bubble has poppped.

But there are some good things on the horizon. My DH has ordered me a nice cooling pad for my laptop so I can use it for a good long time. And we're getting Comcast on Wednesday so I'll be speeding along faster than... well, faster than I'm going now.

Its going to be hooooooooot out today. Must bring the kids out swimming.

I don't want to get away from my novella though. I'm on a roll and the end is in sight. Yippee!!!
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