Sunday, February 15, 2009
People Who Don't Call
I'm going to gripe. It's been one of those mornings here so I'm just going to vent here a little.

I had good plans for today. My mom was going to take the kids and my DH and I were going to do a big Sam's Club run and do lunch. We really do need the SC run and we have the finances for it. It's a good hour drive to any of the "closest" SC so we need several hours for this.

But we're trying to get rid of an enormous TV and a guy is supposed to take it. DH arranged for him to take it today. Yah, great. He was supposed to call us around 8am. It's now 930am and no phone call.

I'm sorry, but I really dislike that. If someone says they're going to call then they really need to call. At least within 30 minutes of the scheduled time. Now we have to sit here and wait. I've cleared out our hallway so we can move the behemoth. If this dude ends up not showing up then I have to move everything back, yet again.

So, please, people, if someone is waiting for your call... then call them. Don't make them wait. If we wait too much longer then we can forget about the SC trip.

Upside is that I'm getting a chance to do some editing while I sit here. But I'd rather be keeping the plans we had already set.

Venting is now over.

Thank you.


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