Thursday, June 28, 2007
Thunder boomers
Wow, what a nice little storm we had last night. Constant lightning and thunder. A few really pretty jagged bolts. It was an awesome sight. But we lost our power for a good two hours. Luckily it was fairly light outside so we could function. We were all gathered around the diningroom table. All the kids had drawing paper and I had my notebook. When it got too dark I lit some candles and continued to write. I'm that determined to finish this story! Besides, whatelse was I going to do? Well, I could've read, but I'm somewhat in between books.

I'm pretty pleased with the progress of this story. My happy couple is no more, I've decided on the fate of one of my secondary characters. Now I have to have my broken couple find their way back to each other (and I've already written part of that) and voila, the story shall be complete. Its a very good feeling!

Well, its getting late and I have to get ready for work. I'm hoping that the computers and phones will be working okay at work. Seems that whenever we have power outages (and I'm sure my work was hit too, I only live up the road from it) something goes wrong. And my boss is on vacation. Who knows. I don't get paid to worry. I'll let the experts do that.
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