Wednesday, February 6, 2008
More Bad Weather, More Words, More Bad Neighbors
But first, THANKS TO DIANE. I won her January contest and received an awesome book yesterday. Please go check out her blog for her February contest.

Well, we have another storm pulling into town today. Another one. Didn't we just have one yesterday??? Um, I think we did. Yeah, I remember walking through an inch or so of slush in the parking lot at work. And now we're getting an all day event. I'm hoping it'll be mostly rain, but there's no guarantee. One thing is for sure, I wanted to throttle that bleeping groundhog. No, kidding, I wouldn't hurt an innocent little critter.

Even though I had planned on being pinned to my chair at my desk to write yesterday I unfortunately had to go out and do laundry. But I brought my handy dandy notebook with me and wrote lots of lovely pages. Currently in my notebook I'm working on The End, the epilogue and the happily ever after. I still have a bit to go before I can add it into the story on the computer but I'm thrilled that I'm there!! Well, almost there. Close enough.

Once again my delightful neighbors have blocked me in with their illegal parking. I shouldn't be surprised really, its a weekly event. And it doesn't work to complain, they don't care, and apparently my landlord doesn't care either because we've certainly brought it to his attention enough times. I just hope and pray I wasn't this rude and disrespectful when I was their age. No, I wasn't. My parents taught me manners and how to be responsible and considerate.

Okay, that was my vent for the day. Now I can get to more important things, like writing and working on contest ideas.

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