Monday, September 8, 2008
A Bit Of Memory Lane
So my ex has been cleaning up one of his storage rooms that consists of things that had been stored up at his mother's house in Maine. On occasion he comes across items that belong to me. He tosses them into a box and it comes back to me. It's always fun to see what the heck I left behind (about 15 years ago). Let see, this box contained:

A horse's bit (from my riding days nearly 20 years ago)
A pair of spurs (ditto)
A riding crop (ditto)
7 Breyer horses (very cool, I still have a collection)
An accordian file full of information on theatres across the country from my college days when I was looking for a place to intern.
A wall hanging of cartoon horses (Thelwell Ponies for those who may recognize them)
A Christmas stocking
Two sketch pads, complete with sketches from my "really weird Tolkeinish creature" period
Two pencil portraits of some family members who I don't recognize. I think my grandmother and great uncle
A portfolio of my early writing, some from my college creative writing course. I got a B. It was really bad..... I mean reeeeaaaalllllyyyyy bad.

But he still hasn't found my good family heirloom china.

I'm closing in on the finish of this book, but seriously considering going back and adding A LOT more detail to it. I love description and I think I could use more of it. But I'm torn. Being nearly done with it, it would be so easy to just say, okay I'm done, and send out the synopsis and detail be darned.

I'm just very ready to be done with this project!

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